Westie Health E-Book

The WFA has just completed a completely new and updated edition of the Westie Health E-Book. This publication was prepared through the University of Georgia Vet School under the supervision of the Educational Resources Department. New articles and new illustrations help to make this a very useful resource. You can download individual chapters here and on the Health Issues page, and soon you will be able to order printed copies on demand. The printed copies are great to have as a ready reference, and could be donated to your dog club, puppy owners, or to the vets who care for your dogs.

Order Your Printed Copy

The Westie Health Book is a great resource for breeders and owners. Consider giving one to new puppy owners and give one to your vet!

$30 US each or
4 for $100

Postage included and $10/copy for foreign delivery


Free Digital Download

If you open the file, there are links in the table of contents that will take you directly to each section. Or click on the topics on right.

Funded by the Westie Foundation of America.

Updated in 2017 by Educational Resources, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia. Design by Mallory Traylor and Stephanie Pfeiffer. Medical Illustrations by Matthew Crotts and Stephanie Pfeiffer.