Westie Owner/Breeder Information

This section presents information and resources for breeders, owners and veterinarians related to health, genetics, breeding, and temperament of Westies.  Topics are listed alphabetically.  If the topic heading is listed as a link, click on the topic heading to access an overview article.  This section contains up-to-date information on genetics, breeding, whelping, puppy survival issues, and temperament.  Below most topic headings there is a list of articles and research about the topic.  If you have comments or questions, please let us know in the Contact Us section.

Information on diseases that affect Westies can be found under Westie Health Topics, and information on disease research can be found under Research.

Health Links

Additional resources can be found on our LINKS page.

If you find a link that does not work properly, please email webmaster@westiefoundation.org.

Support Groups

The groups listed below offer support for owners dealing with Westie health issues.  Some of these groups are for Westie owners and others are for all dog owners dealing with a particular canine health problem.

Westie Lung Disease Support Group.  This group has over 200 members including owners of affected dogs and many veterinarians and researchers looking for improved quality of life for dogs with IPF.  Check it out!