Westie Health Research

This section provides you with information about currently funded research, completed research projects, and samples that are needed to help further research. 

If you would like to understand more about the research and the diseases being researched, visit our Westie Health Information section, where there are numerous articles and links to help you understand how these health problems are diagnosed, treatments available, and further research needed to improve the health of our dogs.

One of the most exciting developments in our quest for Westie Wellness is the interest in human-canine connections for disease and treatment.  These connections allows our foundation to play an important role in human research on common diseases that also effect Westies such a IPF and cancer.  This is a win-win for our dogs and for human disease research:  the researchers interested in human diseases benefit from the known pedigrees and shorter lifespans of canines (so they can study several generations or one "lifetime" in a shorter period of time), and canine health care benefits from the greater funding available in human disease/therapy research.

Research Results and Progress Reports

The following are either interim or final progress reports on studies the WFA has helped to fund.