Donations to the Westie Foundation

You may make a donation to the Westie Foundation for whatever reason you choose: to further our work towards Westie health; as a memorial for the passing of a beloved Westie or a wonderful friend, an honorarium to celebrate someone's birthday, anniversary, holiday or good news; a litter, a championship, obedience or agility title for someone's Westie, etc. We will send an appropriate message to the person you choose, as long as you supply us with their name, address and purpose of the honorarium.

All new contributions at $25 and above will receive a subscription to our newsletter and our thanks for your support! And, they are tax-deductible!

Remembrances and Tributes

Remembrances have a picture and short description, and Tributes have an entire page devoted to a special Westie, a kennel, or a special Westie person. 

Donations to the Westie Foundation

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Donate via PayPal

The options below allow you to donate a designated amount each year as a "subscription" donation." Click one of the amounts listed then click the "subscribe" button.

$600 - $1440 Over 3 Years


$1,500 - $2,400 Over 5 Years


$2,500 or More Over 5 Years


If you have questions or would like a different arrangement for giving, please contact our donor manager for assistance.  Thanks for your support!

The option below allows you to make a one-time donation to the Westie Foundation via PayPal. Simply fill in the amount and select your payment option and follow the steps.