Announcing the Westie Foundation Biobank

May 11, 2023

In order to make a difference to the future health of our breed and to take advantage of technology, the Westie Foundation of America, Inc. has established the Westie Foundation of America Biobank with Resero Genomics. We are currently recruiting blood samples from Westies from which DNA will be extracted. It does ot matter whether your Westie is a pedigreed dog, a rescue dog, or a dog of unknown lineage. Blood samples from all Westies are welcome and appreciated. We need DNA samples from healthy dogs as well as those with health issues.

The stored DNA samples will provide raw material for researchers to use in their research studies. DNA biobanks are created with the long-term goal of linking genetic information contained in the DNA with health issues. Since many disorders in animals have a genetic basis, our canine companions may serve as potential models of human disease leading to improvements in both animal and human health.
Our DNA biobank is an organized collection that is searchable through a custom database based on information from a health questionnaire answered by dog owners. This database, developed by the WFA, is strictly confidential. Each blood sample submitted is entered with a unique sample number and information from the health questionnaire is linked to that number. The database is maintained in a secure, cloud-based site.
Resero Genomics will be able to extract DNA from the blood of our Westies. The WFA is funding the cost of mailing, DNA extraction, and storage of the samples. We provide the special DNA extraction blood tube and mailing supplies (that you take to your veterinarian to collect the blood sample), and the return postage to Resero Genomics. Each blood sample can provide multiple samples of DNA to support health studies selected by the WFA.