Kathryn Wolfert

January 11, 2024 / 5 mins read

Kathryn Wolfert is a 3rd year Dean’s list Veterinary Medical student at Purdue University in Indiana. She has a B.S. in biochemistry , worked as a vet assistant and also as a student researcher on a study of cell proliferation in canine urothelial carcinoma as well as a study technician intern in other research studies. She served as a tutor for first year vet students, a teaching assistant and a vet camp counselor.

Kathryn is active in a variety of organizations and plans to specialize in veterinary oncology. She plans to continue working on clinical trials in her residency program, and she also hopes to continue mentoring others.

This is a portion of the essay she presented to the committee:

"It is my intention to pay it forward to the next generation of veterinarians, particularly through mentorship for those of underrepresented identities in academia. Academia often has a reputation for being a game of who you know far more than what you know, and I feel that’s incredibly exclusionary to so many bright individuals who
don’t have a mentor in the field with whom they can identify. Whether it be throughsharing unique professional opportunities, providing academic guidance, or just having
an open door and empathetic ear for the students I teach, I feel that investing in the future of the profession through mentorship is the most profound way I can give back in
my career."

She will start her clinical year in May after presenting her research poster at PVM Research Day. This fall she will be traveling to Switzerland for a faculty-led internal medicine rotation abroad. She has an exciting future ahead of her.