Baker Institute for Animal Health

March 30, 2021 / 5 mins read

Short term study: Assessing immunological phenotype and genetics in Westies with AD We propose to utilize new techniques developed in our laboratory to build an immunological profile of the allergic Westie. We hypothesize that allergic Westies will have distinct immunological phenotypes and gene expression compared to non-allergic Westies. To test this hypothesis, we will collect blood samples (5 mL) from 10 Westies diagnosed by a board-certified veterinary Dermatologist (ACDV) or a qualified veterinarian with AD and 10 non-allergic Westies (determined by questionnaire). Peripheral blood immune cells will be prepared and assessed for immunological phenotype using flow cytometry and gene expression using single cell RNAsequencing. We will contrast immune cell phenotype and gene expression in allergic vs. healthy Westies. These data will identify new associations between Westie immune function and gene expression that may inform AD management.