CHF Grant #02653-A

Domenico Santoro DVM,MS,DrSc,PhD
University of Florida
June 2019 – $10,000

Abstract: Atopic dermatitis (AD) is very common in dogs and children. AD is affected by complex and yet incompletely understood interactions between many factors such as environment, different types of white blood cells, and immunological factors. Chemokines are one of the factors that are used to modulate the immune system, leading to AD. Specific inflammatory chemokines were chosen for this study based on their relevance to AD from previously published studies in human and veterinary medicine. This study will evaluate the levels of these chemokines in blood, exosomes (a small pouch from cells that is used for communication between cells via blood), and skin of dogs with AD. In addition, the investigators will look for a correlation between the levels of these chemokines and severity of AD with a long-term goal to find a potential tool for monitoring and treating AD in dogs and humans.