You Can Help With Research!

You and your Westies can help find cures for genetic problems in the breed by contributing various types of samples that are needed by researchers for their work.  We are a relatively small breed, so sending samples can make a tremendous difference in finding cures!

We will update this section about once a quarter as we are notified about the need for new samples. Click here for a PDF of our Overview of Request for Samples.

Research Project
Samples Needed
Contact Information
Genetic marker for Atopic dermatitis Saliva swabs or blood samples from dogs with skin disease or from normal dogs 5 years of age or older from family lines free of allergies

Kim Williams
North Carolina State University

Genetic susceptibility of Transition Cell Carcinoma (TCC) (Bladder Cancer) Blood samples from dogs diagnosed with TCC and dogs over the age of 9 who have no known cancers

Gretchen Carpintero
Ostrander Lab
National Human Genome Research Institute

Genetic marker for Addison's disease DNA from cheek cells and/or blood from affected dogs and unaffected dogs over the age of 7

Dr. A.M. Oberbauer
UC Veterinary School (Davis)

Clinical Features and Genetic Basis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Blood samples from dogs diagnosed with PF and healthy dogs over age 8 without lung disease

Dr. Ned Patterson and Dr. Peter Bitterman
Katie Minor (contact)
University of Minnesota

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Cheek and/or blood samples from dogs diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis

Dr. Victor J. Thannickal
University of Alabama
Sample collection coordinated by Dr. Pamela Whiting, DVM
707-529-9222 (call/text)
707-837-8101 (clinic)

Dry Eye Syndrome (keratoconjunctivitis sicca)

Dogs diagnosed with dry eye and dogs over 7 years old with no oclar abnormalities

*participants must be available for appointment at UC Davis Veterinary Center (CA)

Dr. Sarah Thomasy
UC Veterinary School (Davis)