Information on Westie Health Issues

This section of our website is devoted to information about Westie Health and diseases affecting our Westies.  For those seeking information on a particular Westie Disease, the Westie Health Topics page is the heart of the work of the Westie Foundation of America.  It presents an alphabetical list of most known health issues affecting Westies.  Under each topic is a description of the health issue, symptoms, and any available treatments, tests, or research available.  There are also informational articles and articles written by owners dealing with these issues.


Also in the section is valuable information useful to Westie owners, breeders and veterinarians on Breeding & Genetics, including articles on breeding strategies, whelping, genetics, neonatal care, and alternative medicine.  This page contains links to many canine health and information sites.


In order to breed healthy dogs, it is essential that we seek causes, tests, treatments and cures for health issues, but it is also essential that once tests and screening procedures have been defined, that breeders and owners screen their dogs for known problems to ensure future generations of healthy dogs.  It is also important to share this information with other breeders, through the Canine Health Information Registry (CHIC).  Find out information about the CHIC Westie Health Registry here.


There are also links to other sites that promote the sport of dogs and canine health on the LINKS page.  These links may be useful for further exploration of health issues that affect not only Westies, but other breeds or most dogs.  There is also information on first aid and disaster preparedness.


Other pages in this section include current and past health surveys, health insurance for your Westies, and a list of veterinary specialists.


Information and news about current research can be found in the RESEARCH section of this site.


"Hide and Seek" by Allison Platt.