Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Whether or not to buy pet health insurance and where to buy it for your Westie can be a very complex and confusing task.  You must maneuver through premiums and deductables, administrative details on reimbursement and what diseases or treatments are covered, the age of your dog and pre-existing conditions and lots of terms and conditions and legalese.  Feel like your head is about to explode?


There is a very good section on pet health insurance and financial assistance for large vet bills at the Morris Animal Foundation website.


Good background information for pet health insurance at the North American Pet Health Insurance Association website.


There are numerous companies currently offering pet health insurance in the U.S. and several in Canada:




AKC Pet Insurance

ASPCA Pet Insurance (Hartville)


Embrace Pet Insurance

PetFirst Healthcare

Petplan Pet Insurance

PetsBest Insurance

Trupanion Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance




"Spenser at 10" by Allison Platt.




Vet Insurance (Trupanion)


There is a very simple and quick comparison guide for ten of the pet health insurance companies at


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