Officers and Board

WFA Officers and Board of  Directors

All officers and board members are unpaid volunteers.


If you would like to find out more about our board, click on their names and you can see a brief bio.



Bebe Pinter, President  TX

Kay McGuire, DVM, VP Health  TX

Marianne Jacobs, VP Fundraising  CA

Teresa Richardson Barnes, VP Communications  TN

Susie Stone, Secretary  WA

Gary Sackett, Treasurer   CA

Jim McCain, Donor Manager   GA



Tom Barrie   TX

Naomi Brown   MA

Randy Cantrell, TX

Valerie Fadok, DVM, PhD  TX

Dean Nelson, AK

Allison Platt   NC

Mary Sahady, CPA, ESQ  MA

Anne Sanders   WA

Stevann Wilson, ESQ   TX


"Luna at Four" by Allison Platt.